Paint Crappy Stuff. No one is Going to Put You in Jail.

Yesterday I found some scribbles of mine. Today I read Otto’s post

I laughed – thought I’d send it on to you.

It looks like I copied over the notes, but why? It’s still crappy handwriting LOL

WordPress Blogger From England Influences California Blogger

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We are going backwards here. The top image is the last one painted. This is the first painting I’ve done in over a year. Here is your official notification Terry,  I’ve been following Terry’s just another painter blog. Gail, get me to this point, also. This little series of 6″ x 8″ images started out with me going to to a friend’s house and making collages. I didn’t know what I was doing – no inspiration. I came home with nothing. The next morning at 5 am I was tearing up magazines. Abstract eight – Shadow was born. That reminded me of a photograph I had taken showing the shadow of a sculpture in my apartment. Early morning sun hit the stone sculpture in a way that created a soft realistic shadow of a nude.

Sunrise over San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge

This was the view we had from our apartment. We looked at a picture that was always changing. Besides making drawings and paintings for my Artists Book, I made photographs. This photograph was taken at 5:34 in the morning.1.3 sec at f/4.0 The focal length was 28mm ISO 200. I didn’t have a tripod so I set up my Canon EOS Digital rebel XTI  on a pile of books on a table. Then, I put the camera on  timer and experimented with different settings. A bit crazy, too, it was dark, I’m trying to see the dials with a flashlight – I have to remember where they are on the camera!  I’m trying to be quiet so I don’t wake up my husband, then of course when I do try that, I usually crash something.There’s not a lot of time to fiddle around because the light changes rapidly.

I’m working on how to show bigger images on my WordPress site here but so far all I can say it click on the image to see it bigger. It makes a difference. If anyone has a suggestion on a better layout for my blog, I’d love to hear about it.