Privacy Removed – California

Studio Lines A

Frosted Glass Aerosol Paint gives a semi-transparent coating to the windows in my studio. The paint application is old and  is wearing off. This gives  me an interesting background for  photographs. One day I had finished cleaning up after an open house; light coming in through the windows produced interesting shapes. Using my Canon Powershot 11 camera I made some photographs that are part of a series titled, Studio Lines.

Seven Random Facts About Myself – The Lovely Blog Award – India to America

Seven random facts about myself

(It became a list of seventeen)

I like Seeing the light of dawn

It’s my favorite time of the day

Hearing the sound of quiet

Is up there with listening to the sea

I placed third in a half triathlon

I’m curious and want to touch everything

I miss the taste of chocolate

And English tea

I don’t like Rush Limbaugh

I love the smell of puppy’s breath,

Sweet peas, and freshly cut grass

Drawing is my passion

Swimming in the sea is a close second

I like

My husband’s Christmas

Being surrounded by family

And having a good talk with a friend.


Part Two of my posts about The Lovely Blog Award send to me by Manu Kurup, from Southern India,