Each piece of art stands alone. What I see and present to the outside world doesn’t, necessarily speak to the viewer in the same way I see it. How we interpret what we see depends on our past  experiences and knowledge.  I’m always learning about my art through comments from others. When I took this shot I saw a composition I liked. After reading Tom’s comment on Facebook, I realized there was more being said than I had intended. This is cool. I like it.

From Trefethen Studios – I both love and hate this image. I love it for the juxtaposition and hate it for what it stands for. Hahahah. The juxtaposition of the Birkenstocks against the trendy “Pink” attire is fantastical and richly exhibits the culture clash prevalent in today’s malls. This clash is further echoed in the way the two figures stand opposing one another as if to say, “talk to hand cuz the ear’s not listening.”