Terracotta Warriors and Horses – China, New York, California

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Right now many of the original terra cotta warriors from Xian are on exhibit in New York. At the same time, contemporary artist Gong Yuebin, has a show at the Crocker museum in Sacramento California. Gong has interspersed life size modern warriors marching with copies of  the original warriors, but the modern soldiers are  carrying nuclear missiles.


In the summer of 2002 My son and I  visited East China. We were on one of the last Yangzi River cruises before the Chinese flooded the three gorges. I have many sketches and poems all ready to put together into an artist’s book or an edition – just haven’t gotten around to doing it. I took different weights of paper to draw on. I had some transparent paper along just in case and ended up using it when we were in Xian.