Grandfather Posing For Me



20120814-033519.jpgThis was a drawing of grandfather while the whole family was at a crepery. We were waiting for our meal to come and I told grandfather to pose so that I could do a drawing of him. he did it and the pose was perfect but it still took me a while to draw. There was a very pretty background that I just couldn’t get in unfortunately.
We are posting a drawing my Grandmother made while we had a coffee at another cafe. You can tap on the pictures to see them larger.

The First “wild animal” I Saw

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Actually, the first animal I saw on our safari was a warthog. He was right at my feet as I walked down the path to our hotel room when  we arrived in Botswana. I stopped to take a picture. He stopped grazing and lunged his stocky body at me, made some kind of grunt and walked off. My heart was in my throat as I timidly followed the path to my room.