Eating at Oddfellows Seattle 2011

Besides having trees with knitted sweaters, Seattle has some other cool things going for it. Barnaby and Sherri run a culinary encyclopedia  based in Seattle. Foodista Best of Food Blogs Cookbook: 100 Great Recipes, Photographs, and Voices by Sheri L. Wetherell, Barnaby Dorfman and Colin M. Saunders can be ordered through Amazon. Amy Pennington has a thriving business, in urban gardening and cooking.  She is very busy writing  books, practicing her skills and just being a loving dynamic woman.

Knitted Sweaters on Trees Seattle 2011

On a wet grey day we drove by some trees wearing colorful knitted sweaters! How neat was that !

The little Winsor & Newton water color box I’ve had for years. It measures 2″ x 3″.  I buy half pan paints, cut them in half and replace used up paints. The box and waterbrush easily fit in my pocket or purse.

I looked up knitted sweaters on trees and found the following installation artist.

Suzanne Tidwell

Woody Allen in Seattle 2011

Feet tapping to the music while he crossed and uncrossed his legs, Woody Allen played his clarinet. Woody Allen and his  New Orleans Jazz Band came to town for one night.The place was packed. Musicians and audience had a good time. Having an Artpen and moleskine sketchbook with me, I made some drawings in the dark. I love drawing this way, because afterwards there is a surprise for me.- abstract drawings which usually capture the feeling of the moment better than if I had tried to draw what I saw with the lights on.

My new years resolution is to post a short blog every day. The theme will be travel drawings and paintings. Come travel with me through my sketchbooks and artists books. I’ll take you to Bhutan, Paris – lots of places. Happy New Year !