Replay – “she replayed in her mind every detail of the night before” – America’s Cup

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The Times (London)

What has made this year’s America’s Cup truly breathtaking is the television coverage.

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interesting shot

Larry Ellison and Russell Coutts got it right. The staid old America’s Cup can be an adrenalin rush

Don'r be afrid to go a little faster

New York Times

The Cup is the oldest major trophy in sport… Pushed into a postmodern place

finish line

USA Today

America’s Cup: Do you believe in miracles?



The epic battle over the past few days has been a major vindication of the vision of how to modernize the competition

bay bridge


A comeback for the ages


Yea !

Jay Leno, The Tonight Show

The greatest comeback in sports history


Huffington Post

Amazing television? Check? Crowds on the waterfront? Check. Exciting racing? Check and double check

Jimmy Spithill--2

“I think about this regatta and what it means to sailing,” said Ellison. “I think it was absolutely spectacular. If a bunch of kids are inspired to go sail, I’m a happy guy.”

San Francisco Fog – America’s Cup Sailing on The Bay Today?

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sunriise -GGB- fog-2801

Early Morning Fog

morning fog-2954

Morning Fog

starting point-2746-3

Clearing by  Afternoon

What I Present to the Public Versus What is Really Going on in my Head – California

‘Rolled’ acrylic on canvas 4 x 5 feet  click on image to see details

After reading my blog on the Blue Angels air show and  America’s Cup races, one of my blogger friends said she was looking forward to the translation of the day in paint. What went through my head was what was on my wall at that moment in my studio. The painting couldn’t be more opposite from my photographs of that lovely day in San Francisco. I remember Nell Sinton, a painter who was my mentor, saying to me, “Carla, we artists are different. When others around us are talking about the state of politics or what is happening in Greece, we are looking at the shape of a doorknob.” The people who are talking around me are saying, “What did you think of the Presidential debates last night?” My mind wanders. I’m thinking How would I paint that half eaten fig? What colors would I choose? Shall I abstract the form or shall I try drawing it just as I see it. The colors are deep – lots of  different colors in that piece of fruit. I could photograph it. Even photography changes the image. Everyone sees an object differently. I should draw every day. But, I don’t. why not?

To answer my new blogger friend you probably won’t see those images in paintings. ‘Rolled’ refers to the days when I was an ocean swimmer  and participated in rough water races. Entering a wave must be precisely timed. If you dive into that wave too late  you get rolled and don’t know which way is up.

Blue Angels and America’s Cup – San Francisco

What a weekend. It was clear and sunny  – no fog! You never know at this time of year if the fog will roll in softly and surround the Golden Gate Bridge. Sometimes the air show is canceled because of the weather. The weekend was packed with ballgames, Bluegrass music, Blessing of the Animals, Branford Marsalis and, well, just too much to do everything. We opted for the Blue Angels. It’s hard to ignore them. They are noisy and fast. They are not to be ignored. But the catamarans in the America’s Cup race are fast also. On Friday night we went to a Branford Marsalis concert at Grace Cathedral.  That will be another post with some drawings.  I could never draw the F/A-18 Hornets so I brought out my camera for the weekend.

This image shows the plane going over the bridge, but before this shot one went UNDER the bridge.

America’s Cup race was before the air show so we ran back and forth from the window to the TV to see closeups of the boats.

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America’s Cup – Sailing in San Francisco

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We are so lucky here, in San Francisco. We had no tickets – no reservations. We just walked down to the water at the spur of the moment and watched America’s Cup World Series. Yes, there were crowds, but there was room enough to be right next to the water, the boats sailing right past us.  Oracle Team USA and Energy Team France were strong, fast and beautiful to watch. I didn’t know much about what was going on, but there was a good wind, the boats were fast and everyone was having a good time.

Carla’s and Megan’s Blog will be back. We still have a little more to say. Right, Megan?

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