Abstract Three -Creative Inspiration Comes From an Uncomfortable Condition

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Traveling, I travel across the floor. Thinking of  the look of a rubbing from an french antique metal chair ( you know, the ones with lots of uniform holes punched out on the seat) I started this sketch making freehand circles with a graphite pencil. The circles represent steps. Do you ever wake up in the very early morning and pace back and forth? I do. So I draw until I get sleepy, then go back to bed. I tore up one of my drawings and glued it in place lining it up with marks from the drawing below. The title, Night Walkers, came from the title of a publication put out by the Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation.

Night Walkers mixed media on white paper 6″ x 8″

Scorsese’s movie ‘Hugo’ and Restess Leg Syndrome – California 2012

Yesterday my husband and I  went to see ‘Hugo‘  http://youtu.be/qkDeHpWT9Xk.

At some point during each day I feel like Hugo when he skillfully navigated his way to the clock tower within the walls of the train station – station master and dog following at his heels. Added to the effects of surgery and radiation, restless leg syndrome sends  electric shock-like jabs through my body in the afternoon and evening. Abstract drawing and painting  illustrate the feeling of the effects of RLS. and radiation best.

I thought the story of my last year dealing with cancer was over. I had finished blogging about that subject. My new posts were going to be all about my artist books and sketches made around the world. Life gets messy sometimes. There seems to be an overlap here so I’m going with the flow. The cancer radiation story may end up as a book. The adventure is still being written.