Drawing The Cave of Forgotten Dreams

Werner Herzog’s film about the Chauvet caves of Southern France, gives us the opportunity to see the oldest known pictorial creations of humankind, My drawings today consist of sketches drawn  in the dark at the movie theater. Holding 5″ x 5″ thick paper I sketched with my rotring art pen. It’s a good exercise in mind to hand coordination. Afterwards, when I’m outside of the theater at home in the light I study the gesture drawings. Overlapping occurs – some really good drawing happens. This time I took a wet brush and emphasized a few shapes bringing out the french moderator.

Cancer Survivor Pairs Art with Radiation Treatments

Today is day 5 of radiation therapy. I’ve numbered 43  sheets of paper. My idea is to pair something nice, my art, with each day of radiation treatment. So, I’ve gone public with my commitment. I don’t know if I’ll be be able to it. We’ll see.  It is a good goal because each time I pick up an oil pastel, brush or a pencil;  each mark I make creates new questions. Every time I draw or paint I create new problems for myself. Discoveries are made. Art is a distraction from the many daily actions and reactions caused by radiation. I’m working with WordPress to get the colors right. Reds are coming up brown.

Little Blue Flower – Day One  –  9″x12″ Sennelier oil pastel, pencil ebony jet black smooth

9″x12″ Sennelier oil pastel, pencil graphite ebony jet black smooth

White Lily – Day Three – a little guy in a white suit emerges.