It’s Not What it Seems – China

Peking story teller-02276

White winking Buddhas.

A vegetarian dinner of fish, eel,

chicken, and pork.


The Clan of the Cultural Revolution:

portraits in red, pink, and black.

Cloudlike rocks riddled with holes.

Straight-cut stones hiding the view.


Flaming Sun Day, Feet, Comfortable City,

Flexology: Foot and Body Massage.


The Temple of Marvelous Mystery.

Scholars revealing a little at a time.


Bitter melon, minced snails,

fresh young ginger with duck.


A very auspicious number like five.


Yin-yang, push, pull.

Holiday Spending Zone.


Cicadas make the woods more silent.

Birds make the valleys deeper.


Neon palm trees: electric yellow and green.

Two thin bamboo rafts floating silently down the Li.


Rainy summer night.

A street-cleaning truck playing

“We Wish You Merry Christmas.”

river Li-02296

Monkey Business – Zimbabwe

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Morning Writing

Wash out all

those ghosts



black cloud critters


like monkeys

in your swollen


swollen brain filled

with piston-like


it’s wrong

it’s wrong

it’s wrong

not good enough

for who?

for tinman

looking for his heart?

wash out all

those ghosts



and black cloud critters


like monkeys

in your swollen



lay your thoughts

out on the page

protect those tender shoots

of pale green

close the book

then walk away.

Wind Horse – Woodblock with Print – Bhutan

The Wind Horse, shown on the the imprint of a prayer flag is a luck-bringing symbol. This horse can bring good luck, life force, health, influence and merit. On his back is the Flaming Jewel, a spiritual warrior, capable of fulfilling all wishes. The spiritual warrior is carried past the many obstacles leading into the sacred world. The word for Wind Horse (Lungta) has come to mean luck.

I found the wood block in Thimpu, when I was snooping around the shops near the contemporary art school. Using printers ink, and stamps on mulberry paper I made up some small pieces. I started to make an limited edition of five Artist’s Books on mulberry paper. They are scrolls about 62″ high. Now there are only four.  I tore up one last week while working on an idea. The torn pieces may be incorporated in the finished product. This print shown above may be added to one of the scrolls. It’s a work in progress.  (As usual click on the image to see it bigger)

Kathakali Classic Dancers – Southern India

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Alcohol painted eye

recites garish truth

Hot chilies, fresh

ginger and pepper shout.

Green cardamom pods sizzle,

coriander and cumin crackle.

Red chilies roast above

the charcoal fire.

Yogurt is whisked.