Drawing Birds in the Rain

With long yellow feet Snowy Egrets tiptoe through the grasses.

Spotting a worm they quickly spear it and, with a few jerks, swallow.
The Snowy Egrets hunker down in the rain.

On March 7, 2020 after meditation and sharing, I walked outside. Leaning against the redwood tree I sketched two snowy egrets finding worms in the rain. On March 19th California governor Gavin Newsom “ordered all individuals living in the state of California to stay home or at their place of residence” to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus disease. In less than two weeks my life changed. Instead of sitting next to people, I enter a room on Zoom. Meditation brings me closer to myself, Who am I really. Definitely, there are more birds singing!

graphite aquarelle pencil 4B, Tombow marker pen, charcoal pencil 4B on 5”x7” paper

Destroy a Flower and Draw!

Four Dahlias

Dahlias from Fran (click on image to enlarge)

You don’t need any art supplies to draw. Go on. Try it. smear a little more coffee on that coffee ring stain.  Take your pen and add a few strokes. Coffee is such a beautiful color. It smells good too.

When I was in Egypt I was sketching  and dipped a stick into a small bottle of  brown ink that I had in my backpack.  I got back to the hotel and noticed my sketch book smelled strange. I had mistaken a bottle of Echinacea for walnut ink and made a drawing with it. I brought the herbal remedy along to  boost my immune system and reduce the severity or length of a cold.

The herbal drawing of the Temple of Luxor has kept it’s color. It’s kept its  smell, too!

Dip your finger in that glass of red wine, pat it on a piece of paper. Any curry powder around?



Battle for Presidency Goes to Voters – America

Waking up early I thought of the Milky Way in the summer sky. The night before our family was identifying constellations on a warm night in Southern France. What could I draw on? I found some newspapers near the fireplace. Using a stick and some India Ink I sketched how I remembered the sky. This morning I was looking through some of my photographs and came across this one. Posting this image today seems apropos.

Sketching in the Dark while Listening to Branford Marsalis – Grace Cathedral

I felt like I was in Westminster Abbey in London when I was looking around the small apse of the cathedral where we were sitting. The dark wood carved walls were the backdrop for the men and women I was drawing. The Cathedral was full. Branford Marsalis,  walked out,  said a few words in that wonderful voice of his and the lights dimmed. Except for applause the audience was absolutely still and quiet while they listened to the sounds of his saxophone fill the space around them.

Grace Cathedral is the third largest Gothic cathedral in the country.  Besides magnificent stained glass windows, there are copies of the  famous Ghiberti Gates of Paradise, priceless icons and frescoe-style murals depicting California’s colorful history. There are two Labyrinths, one inside and one outside.  Keith Haring AIDS Chapel altarpiece is to the right after you enter the Cathedral. Click on images to  enlarge.

Tight Jeans and an Acoustic Guitar – California Country Music

Nothing better than sittin high up on a stool close to the band

letting the sounds and sights guide my hand.

Lines become figures as my pen mimics

the scene in front of me.

click or double click image to bring em up close

Lyrics to top 20 country music songs

  1. Martina McBride – Concrete Angel lyrics
  2. Brooks & Dunn – Believe lyrics
  3. Carrie Underwood – Jesus, Take The Wheel lyrics
  4. Alan Jackson – Remember When lyrics
  5. Josh Turner – Your Man lyrics
  6. Brad Paisley – When I Get Where I’m Going lyrics
  7. Chris Cagle – Miss Me Baby lyrics
  8. Miranda Lambert – Kerosene lyrics
  9. Keith Urban – Making Memories Of Us lyrics
  10. Sugarland – Just Might (Make Me Believe) lyrics
  11. Keith Urban – Tonight I Wanna Cry lyrics
  12. Kenny Chesney – Who You’d Be Today lyrics
  13. Little Big Town – Boondocks lyrics
  14. SugarLand – Baby Girl lyrics
  15. Faith Hill – Like We Never Loved At All lyrics
  16. Rascal Flatts – Skin lyrics
  17. Tim McGraw – My Old Friend lyrics
  18. Shania Twain – From This Moment lyrics
  19. Lonestar – Amazed lyrics
  20. Danielle Peck – I Don’t lyrics

Drawing The Cave of Forgotten Dreams

Werner Herzog’s film about the Chauvet caves of Southern France, gives us the opportunity to see the oldest known pictorial creations of humankind, My drawings today consist of sketches drawn  in the dark at the movie theater. Holding 5″ x 5″ thick paper I sketched with my rotring art pen. It’s a good exercise in mind to hand coordination. Afterwards, when I’m outside of the theater at home in the light I study the gesture drawings. Overlapping occurs – some really good drawing happens. This time I took a wet brush and emphasized a few shapes bringing out the french moderator.