Out with the old. In with the new. (Me excluded!)


Looking East towards Oakland- San Francisco Bay Bridge, fireworks fill the sky

During the holidays, more than 17,000 lights decorate Embarcadero Center’s four buildings

This transforms the site into a group of presents.

Every night the light on top of the Transamerica pyramid does look like a star.

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Wishing you all a happy, healthy new year

I’ll visit with you online next year. Carla

Drawing Deer Followed by Gridlock – Sunday

Sketch drawn using a stick and India ink.

8B Farber-Castell Jumbo pencil

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Isn’t that the truth, city dwellers? You are into your weekend outside of the city, then Sunday you drive home.

It was worth it, though.

Pilot Boat Bay Bridge – Photo Version

This was the actual view from our apartment. I have a series of photographs taken at this time. This one was shot at 1/500 sec at f 5.5 ISO 400. We had a friend who was a pilot for these boats. He would tell us about his mornings out on the water before the San Francisco area woke up and started the activities of the day,

The Bay Bridge – Artists’ Book

This is an Artists’ Book

An Artists’ Book is a work of art. It is not just a vehicle to contain a story and communicate non-visual ideas.

Different media are used in a unique way to create a book-like object.

These books are puzzles.

They are undefined.

The viewer and the artist make up their own story using clues from the book-like structure.

Text, image and structure are equally important in an Artists’ Book.

In The Bay Bridge my cover and spine is the steel box. The pages can be taken out of the box and looked at indvidually.

For a few years we lived in an apartment looking right out at the Oakland- San Francisco Bay Bridge. In a drawer near the window I kept a supply of the same  size  ‘pages’  for my Artists’ Book. I’d record what was going on outside my window. What happens is you have the same size  paper for each drawing and painting so you start to think of different ways to fill that piece of paper. The book is chuck full now. Included in the steel box are stories about connections I have had with the bridge.