Inspiration for Abstract Art Comes When You Least Expect it

So I woke up to an image on my phone. Someone had been mugged, badly roughed up. It’s my brother! Now he is a tough guy. A tough guy who races automobiles. Jeeze, he’s been in an accident. No word, just a photograph he must have taken the picture of himself with his phone so at least he is conscious. Turns out, you know those electric powered scooters with big wheels? You stand on them and lean forward or backward to make them go. Guess he tried out a Segway and hit a transition in the road. Broke two ribs and really roughed up his eye. Being the artist in the family I  immediately uploaded the photo and did a little touchup in Lightroom. Pretty cool colors. Maybe he’ll send me another when the eye is yellow green. Go back to NASCAR racing. It’s safer.