Painting with Oils Makes me sick but …

May 18th painting using interactive acrylics about 4 x 5 feet. click on painting to see detail

My sinuses and oils are not friends. I read this from a blogger in Namibia AfricaSILKEBERENS art, life, and africa.

In my studio I have a note scrawled on a piece of paper tacked up on my wall. Oils make me sick. Every time I painted my nose would run. I knew the solvents were toxic. Oh, but I loved to paint with oils. They were so buttery. Acrylic was so hard, so plastic. It’s was just not me.

Well, I have discovered a new love. Interactive acrylics by Chroma.

  • you can  reblend and rework all day.
  • a week later you can erase the paint or soften it in order to blend colors with new paint.
  • there is no plastic look or feel.
  •  Paint dries satin, not plastic looking.
  • I can control the drying process.
  • The paints are water soluble – not toxic.