Street Portrait #1 – Written in the Style of Richard Guest


Street Portrait (for and of Megan)

Ok , I know it’s not strictly speaking a street portrait, but what the heck. I was sitting across the table from her while we ate dinner. I thought, “Wow, look at that amazing head of hair! The texture and the color of the cedar tree really complimented her face. I took some pictures of my dinner partner. This one is my favorite. Thanks very much Megan. I hope you like your picture. And, Richard, I hope you don’t mind me copying you just this once. I promise not to do it again. To my readers, go over and check out the blog of Richard Guest You will see why I wanted to imitate him.

Christie’s plans 175 million dollar sale in New York City while we play near Lake Tahoe


It’s summertime. We take a break from our jobs, schools, daily routines and even wean ourselves away from the internet.  Driving down the hill to get the New York Times we pass a bear crossing the road. Squirrels play nearby. We soak up new experiences and come home renewed.


Quite a contrast from when Megan and I were blogging about our experiences in New York.

Summer – Alpine Meadows

No drawing or painting here, but making pictures was my creative outlet last week. I was trying out point and shoot cameras. The Band was taken with my iphone. Lots of sun added to the drama of this shot. The photographs of the bikes and the wildflower were taken with a Canon S100 that fits in your pocket. Early Morning Reflection was taken with my Canon G11. This camera takes beautiful pictures, but is heavy when I carry it in my purse. If I decide to take this one, I’ll probably put the strap back on and just keep it over my shoulder. I changed the strap to an UP strap. This strap has a nice thick piece at shoulder level which eliminates slipping. The new Sony cyber-shot digital camera RX100, won’t be released in time for me to check it out before I leave on a trip to Europe. This is probably a good thing. The camera is rather expensive. Anyway, you don’t need the latest and the greatest. What’s important is your eye, your knowledge of how to take a good photograph.