Picture Challenge [PART I] – Blogger Gives Artist a Taste of Her Own Medicine

What a hoot! If there was an award given for the most clever blogger on the internet, I’d nominate Rommel.
Touche, Rommel.

The Sophomore Slump

Don’t be alarmed. You are still viewing The Sophomore Slump. I’m just taking a break once again with my travel posts and weekly photo challenges. I had fun making and composing my DIY post, so I’m continuing my special reports.

Many of you participate in photo challenges, so I don’t see any problem for you to give each one or some of it a try.

1. Can you figure this out?

2. Don’t worry, most of it are easy.

3. Some of it are hard.

4. These are common phrases, expressions, idioms, saying, words of wisdom, etc.

5. Are you getting the hang of it? Go ahead and…

6. By the way, I drew these but I’m not an eight-year old kid.

7. Who in the world does this next one anyway?

8. Some additions are meant to confuse you.
9. This one requires a little logic.10. Did…

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