It’s Not What it Seems – China

Peking story teller-02276

White winking Buddhas.

A vegetarian dinner of fish, eel,

chicken, and pork.


The Clan of the Cultural Revolution:

portraits in red, pink, and black.

Cloudlike rocks riddled with holes.

Straight-cut stones hiding the view.


Flaming Sun Day, Feet, Comfortable City,

Flexology: Foot and Body Massage.


The Temple of Marvelous Mystery.

Scholars revealing a little at a time.


Bitter melon, minced snails,

fresh young ginger with duck.


A very auspicious number like five.


Yin-yang, push, pull.

Holiday Spending Zone.


Cicadas make the woods more silent.

Birds make the valleys deeper.


Neon palm trees: electric yellow and green.

Two thin bamboo rafts floating silently down the Li.


Rainy summer night.

A street-cleaning truck playing

“We Wish You Merry Christmas.”

river Li-02296

I Couldn’t Find a Turkey – I Found a Swan


Looking through my photos and drawings I couldn’t find a turkey for Thanksgiving, but I found a swan.

One day my grand daughter and I spent a couple of hours down by the river Thames drawing and painting the Queen’s swans.

I have lots of little accordian books of drawings to remind me of that day in Windsor.

And this one to remind me of a sunny day in Calistoga. It looks like you need to click on this one to see it ! Happy Turkey Day !