Would You Download a Free Artists’ e-Book?


I had seven days to create a book. Here you followed a work in progress. We were going to see if in a week I had a finished product. for Sketchbook Project 2013.  If not  – zilch. Today is the day I must have it in the mail going to Brooklyn, New York. The book isn’t finished , but I wouldn’t say I have zilch. There are some interesting pairings happening. I have the beginning of an Artists’ Book.  Right now it is  a traditional 7″ x 10″ codex book. But the opportunities for change are endless.  Check out this website about Artists’ Books. http://www.philobiblon.com/isitabook/bookarts/index.html

The book was going to be titled, Chairs, but now I’m thinking the title will be Sit. I’ll probably add some text, maybe just a few adverbs thrown in. The readers will be the ones to interpret the book’s contents. It may be a one-of-a-kind Artists’ Book or a small edition of 30. The structure of the book will probably stay the same. Maybe I’ll make a small edition of Sit just xeroxing the contents, binding it or stapling it together in order to sell  it on Amazon.com for a very reasonable price.

Would you download a free Artists’ eBook?

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Painting in the Bathtub – Avignon

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Here we are back in Europe, at Hotel La Mirande in Avignon, France. I was standing in the bathtub when I painted this little guy.  Using a pen, a soft pencil and watercolor, I painted the sunrise in my moleskine sketchbook. With the point of an exacto knife I picked up the color  where I wanted some flecks of white to show. The painting needed the contrast of something brighter. It’s interesting to me that the grey wall outside the window looks like a watercolor.

Raoul Dufy and Me – Southern France

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Carla’s interpretation of view in Larmet, France

The camera’s interpretation of the scene

Megan’s interpretation of the scene

Upon entering a hotel room in Aix en Provence, many years ago, I noticed a familiar print by Dufy hanging on the wall next to the window. Accompanying the print was a note saying Raoul Dufy had painted the watercolor from this window. Yes, right there, I was looking out the window at the same scene painted in the 1920’s. Of course, I had to paint that scene. Now, my watercolor is framed and hanging in my daughter’s house. In August, I painted the another view in France, with her daughter. Here are three interpretations of the same view.

“I think a painter is happy because he is in harmony with nature as soon as he can express what he sees.” Vincent van Gogh

Bordeaux Toes Paired with Abstract Tool Shed – Southern France

Tool Shed by Carla –  shapes and complimentary color (click on image)

While collaborating on this blog project for two weeks, my grand daughter and I covered the basics of drawing:

Line, Form, Value, Space, Texture, Pattern and Color. We ended our drawing sessions with free, expressive figure drawings working with live models. Thinking about subject matter, we covered Landscape, Figurative, Still Life and Abstract Art using a variety of materials. We talked about the importance of Variation: variation in line, form or shape, value, space, texture, pattern and color. We had a great time together. For me, having a buddy to sketch with was the best!

Bordeaux Toes –  Megan’s first drawing in her Moleskine sketchbook – Value

Inspiration From Trip to France – Get Out Those Art Supplies!

After a trip, usually I am stimulated and ready to go back to the studio. I want to paint, make Artist’s Books, draw, and write -in some way interpret what I experienced during my travels. Megan got right in there. I’m so proud of her. Look at this! Her  drawing fills the page. It’s big. Paint and color have been added to her drawing – the next step after drawing. This piece will be perfect for her portfolio. Megan is planning on applying for an art scholarship. I suggested she add her small moleskine sketchbook that she filled up in France. There are some fine drawings to be seen in there.

Our two weeks of  drawing together have ended. It will be a long time before we see each other again. But there is WordPress!

We are thinking of  Megan being my guest blogger in the future – maybe we will do Megan’s Monday – Carla and Megan’s Blog.  Then she will have her own posts on the internet.

America’s Cup – Sailing in San Francisco

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We are so lucky here, in San Francisco. We had no tickets – no reservations. We just walked down to the water at the spur of the moment and watched America’s Cup World Series. Yes, there were crowds, but there was room enough to be right next to the water, the boats sailing right past us.  Oracle Team USA and Energy Team France were strong, fast and beautiful to watch. I didn’t know much about what was going on, but there was a good wind, the boats were fast and everyone was having a good time.

Carla’s and Megan’s Blog will be back. We still have a little more to say. Right, Megan?

For more news about the trials check out this website.


From India to America to England Just With A Tap Of Your Finger – France

I think I just used a trackback to send a ping back.http://starscrutiny.wordpress.com/2012/08/20/what-they-miss/ It was my grand daughter’s first trackback. Oh my, here I am teaching her how to blog by having her be a guest on my blog and she knows more about it all than I do! It does show how we are from all over the world expressing our opinions. Each time I write something, a new door opens. I read or see something interesting from another person in the world. I learn from them and hopefully, I give a few minutes of contemplation to someone else. Megan viewed the stat page of our blog from France, where she saw the map representing people who read her blog from all over the world – 98 hits one day during the first week! How great is that? Apologies for the fuzzy photograph, but this was the specific day and this was what I shot.

It’s Hot! – 12 year old Works on her Portfolio – France in August



One hundred degrees (38C) Not a good time for Englishmen to be out in the noon day sun. After a lunch of Camembert cheese, pâté, cornichons, baguettes, melon, ham, lettuce and tomatoes from the farmer’s market ( I’m going to miss those fabulous picnics) we stayed inside.
Megan is putting together a portfolio to be included with a request for an art scholarship. For a varied example of her work I suggested we do some figuartive drawing. We got together the gang and sketched two minute poses. I started posing, I’d call up someone to join me then we would add another person to our posing group. And another. It was great fun. Megan got some great drawings for her portfolio and everyone found out they really could draw. Now it’s time to hit the pool!

Grandfather Posing For Me



20120814-033519.jpgThis was a drawing of grandfather while the whole family was at a crepery. We were waiting for our meal to come and I told grandfather to pose so that I could do a drawing of him. he did it and the pose was perfect but it still took me a while to draw. There was a very pretty background that I just couldn’t get in unfortunately.
We are posting a drawing my Grandmother made while we had a coffee at another cafe. You can tap on the pictures to see them larger.

Megan and Carla – two art chicks collaborate in Southern France

We are determined to blog together, my grand daughter and I. Megan lives in England And I live in America. Trying to do this on vacation without a home computer and with poor -wi-fi connection is a challenge but hey we are on vacation ! Yesterday it was really hot so. In our cool rented house Megan showed me how to use her drawing app and we made a drawing together. Ok Megan it’s your turn. Introduce yourself to my friends. Let’s see how many people we can get to read our blog, .