Destroy a Flower and Draw!

Four Dahlias

Dahlias from Fran (click on image to enlarge)

You don’t need any art supplies to draw. Go on. Try it. smear a little more coffee on that coffee ring stain.  Take your pen and add a few strokes. Coffee is such a beautiful color. It smells good too.

When I was in Egypt I was sketching  and dipped a stick into a small bottle of  brown ink that I had in my backpack.  I got back to the hotel and noticed my sketch book smelled strange. I had mistaken a bottle of Echinacea for walnut ink and made a drawing with it. I brought the herbal remedy along to  boost my immune system and reduce the severity or length of a cold.

The herbal drawing of the Temple of Luxor has kept it’s color. It’s kept its  smell, too!

Dip your finger in that glass of red wine, pat it on a piece of paper. Any curry powder around?



One of the Pleasures of Traveling

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One of the pleasures of traveling is meeting people and being invited to visit their homes. In Egypt we were sailing down the Nile in a felucca when we were invited to stop by our guide’s home on an island. We shared a pot of tea and he showed us his neighborhood. In Bhutan I had an impromptu lunch prepared by my friend’s sister. Our hosts in Japan treated us to a traditional tea ceremony in a little tea house in their garden.

One evening we struck up a conversation with some travelers visiting our city. Wanting to continue our conversation we brought them home. In the kitchen we found walnuts, raisins and port. The evening was filled with stories and laughter. The next morning the table and the floor were covered with walnut shells, a few raisins and an empty bottle of port. We had a good time.

Egypt, an Artists’ Book – 2001

Stacked up inside this pyramid are separate books.

Luxor, Egypt ,Karnak and The Nile

Each book is filled with poems, transfers, rubbings, collage,

drawings and paintings. All drawings were made on site.

Polaroid transfers  from slides are included  in the pyramid,

so is an accordion book made out of tickets to the various monuments.

The monument tickets have a photo of that particular monument which gets stamped when you go in.

Egypt   2001

9″ x  9″ x 8″  pyramid base, grid paper, polaroid prints, transfers, rubbings, collage,

drawings, paintings, tickets, poems, one polaroid transfer on papyrus.

Tony Sweet’s Interview by Jim Miotke

After listening to Jim Miotke interview Tony Sweet, I’m thinking of putting away a series of paintings and moving on to something new. Tony talked about when things aren’t going well, let yourself go. Leave and move on. After being away from the studio for a long time I thought I’d change some paintings. They didn’t seem to be working anymore.  When making photographs it’s good to turn around and see what’s behind you. I tried that with this painting. I photographed the back of it. The sun, coming though stained, waxed raw canvas created some powerful images. It looks like a new series of photographs is about to be born. You can hear Tony’s interview on

Beeswax and acrylic on canvas, mixed media on mulberry paper, 54″ x 84″ The crane in flight is taken from a scene in the mastabaof Ptah-Hotep, Saqqara.