“My Kid Could Do That.”


When I was Two.

I was nearly new.

When I was Three

I was hardly me.


But now I am Six, I’m as clever as clever,

so I think I’ll be six now for ever and ever.”

Quote from A.A Milne, Now We Are Six

When you clean up your room, you find all kinds of things.
I found a box of of folded paintings I had made in
nursery school, when I was around three. My mother
had saved my first paintings.
The first painting is poster paint on faded yellowed paper.
The second painting is acrylic paint on canvas 30″ x 30″
I created this painting last month.
The thread is there. I’ve been making art
since I was was two and nearly new.

Painting in the Woods – Day One


Enveloping, quiet, vivid, comforting, safe

Wow, one bright yellow green leaf !






Light, gentle



Thoughts on painting in my studio space in the woods.

‘The thingness of the thing.’

1. The feeling tone holds the key to the painting.

2. Content

3. Form, Line, space, color and texture – Do they support the feeling I want?

At the moment of existence, it is what it is.

Feelings ‘predictable. Chances of my feelings at the moment’  Cezanne


Before I left for an invitational painting workshop in Portland, I cut the canvas for vertical trees, but when I stood in the space in the woods my immediate reaction was this is going to be  a square painting. I went with my first thought.  Square – 4 square canvases, which at the end will work as a set of four. At the end of the day, the painting did not look like how I intended it to be, but it did convey my feeling in this space with the sunlight flickering through the trees.


#1 acrylic on canvas 32″ x 32″ unfinished

The next morning the painting looked like it had two eyes looking at me so I painted out one of them. Now the painting is split in half. I’ll continue working on it back in the studio at home.

 An exhibition, Richard Diebenkorn: The Berkeley Years, 1953-1966, is at the de Young Museum. It seems that there is always a prominent vertical line in his paintings, even more so than his horizontal lines. I just noticed that my transitions from picture or blog has verticals, not intentional – just think it is interesting.

I Went to the Street Fair with the Intension of Making Slow Art – Chinatown


click on image to view only the photograph

Slow Art relates to creating art in a slow way. This practice is about being mindful of detail, valuing the history inherent in re-usable materials, putting time into creating small items. The practice encourages the maker to be naturally meditative as they create. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slow_Movement

During the celebration of Chinese New Year, I went to the Street Fair on Grant Avenue San Francisco. The high energy crowd was not conducive for making a quiet slow drawing. Instead I took out my iphone set my hipstamatic app on random and clicked away. By shaking the camera the appplication changes the lens, flash, and film. After clicking away until the battery was used up, which didn’t take any time at all, the above image turned out to be my favorite shot of the day. Lens: John S  Film: Kodadot XGrizzled  Flash: Cherry Shine

Just think of the changes this man has seen in his lifetime.


Delaunay’s Window was painted in 1913.


Picasso‘s Three Musicians – 1921


basel miami art 2013

Self-Critique -Looking back at a Finished Painting

click on image to see more detail

Remember your school days when you had critique sessions about your work?  Now many of us are in our studios painting alone with no support groups . Going back to my painting, Celebration I asked myself some questions while I wrote in my journal. What do you like about this painting. What don’t you like about this painting?

What do I like about this painting? It may be too soon to critique it. I’s still very fresh so I’m really liking it.

Looking at the drawing of tulips. This drawing is about five feet long. I was drawing to music which helped me draw a very loose, free drawing using a stick and walnut ink   found on the internet. What I don’t like about this drawing is the color of the photograph. The paper has a lovely creamy tone which looks nice with the warm walnut colored ink. My computer needs to be calibrated in order to capture the true colors of my art work.

What I don’t like about this painting. I’ve decided not to tell you. I want to see what you have to say.

What do I like about my painting. It’s about 5 feet wide. The colors and brush strokes came out of me interpreting the pure joy of my state of mind at that time. The paint strokes show different sizes of brushes used to paint this piece. Linear work is both 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional drawing. The large white background shapes holds the painting together. The energy and space between the tulips is just as important as the subject matter.

From your viewpoint, what do you see?

Do you have any constructive criticism for me?

Mad – China


I chose this painting today because this is how I feel. I have a new computer and all my images have changed color! I should just paint and leave the computer to my son. When I ask him how to blog he gives me a lot of help and then he says, ” just do it” so I’m going to give blogging a try. My goal is to enter a blog once a week so check in and see what happens.

‘Cry’ oil/acrylic on canvas 36″x26″ 2006