It’s National Dog Day!


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Oh my, all the wonderful dogs in my life! Many hours have been spent on the floor drawing from their point of view. Here’s a toast to the two Bumpies, Billo, Rover, Mister, Brandy Alexander, Disney Wisney, Jenner Benner, Miles von Mises, and Cody Boy. I’m going through years of drawings and came up with a few to post. Drawing Cody is a Letterpress Artists’ book. The edition is 15 signed and numbered copies. The book is dedicated to all the family dogs who have been a part of my life. They have brought me comfort, laughter, worries and exercise!

Battle for Presidency Goes to Voters – America

Waking up early I thought of the Milky Way in the summer sky. The night before our family was identifying constellations on a warm night in Southern France. What could I draw on? I found some newspapers near the fireplace. Using a stick and some India Ink I sketched how I remembered the sky. This morning I was looking through some of my photographs and came across this one. Posting this image today seems apropos.

Figurative Drawing by Kids in France – Carla and Megan’s Blog

In France, gammie had a great idea for everyone to do. Every few minutes a new person would strike a pose and everyone else had to draw it. It was a really good idea to get loose and really see how to draw a body. We did not have time to draw very much detail but we got the basic idea! We ended up with some very interesting drawings!


Hummm I see we already did this one – added some more pictures this time.  Here is Megan’s thoughts on our drawing session – carla

The Bay Bridge – Artists’ Book

This is an Artists’ Book

An Artists’ Book is a work of art. It is not just a vehicle to contain a story and communicate non-visual ideas.

Different media are used in a unique way to create a book-like object.

These books are puzzles.

They are undefined.

The viewer and the artist make up their own story using clues from the book-like structure.

Text, image and structure are equally important in an Artists’ Book.

In The Bay Bridge my cover and spine is the steel box. The pages can be taken out of the box and looked at indvidually.

For a few years we lived in an apartment looking right out at the Oakland- San Francisco Bay Bridge. In a drawer near the window I kept a supply of the same  size  ‘pages’  for my Artists’ Book. I’d record what was going on outside my window. What happens is you have the same size  paper for each drawing and painting so you start to think of different ways to fill that piece of paper. The book is chuck full now. Included in the steel box are stories about connections I have had with the bridge.

The Missing Frais du Bois

One day when my daughter was a little girl, I was sketching the leaves of a  frais du bois plant. While sketching,  I’d look up, check out the plant, look down and record what I had just seen.  I was ready to draw the berry, so I looked up in order to collect the visual information needed to put  down on the paper. The berry was gone! My daughter had walked by, picked it and ate it!

Pastel drawings in a 5½” square sketchbook.