What’s going on in the Studio – California

double click to view close up of the end of the tulips and the beginning of a trypic

Computer Ergonomics and Blogging about Painting

My mouse and my paint brush are causing havoc  with my hand. Gotta stop blogging so often. You’re probably saying,” whew she is finally winding down. I don’t have to feel badly if I don’t push the “like” button.” I’m still here seeing what you are doing. I’ll keep going to the studio -just have to give my hand a rest and figure out my body posture. Traveling is in my near future. That will keep me off the computer. Well, maybe I’ll post from my cell phone app……

 These photos were taken inside, natural light , no rain, using the new iphone camera. The lens is amazing. I’m getting very lazy – not dragging around my camera and setting up the studio for shots of art work – just whipping out my phone and taking a picture! Pretty cool.