Sketching in the Dark while Listening to Branford Marsalis – Grace Cathedral

I felt like I was in Westminster Abbey in London when I was looking around the small apse of the cathedral where we were sitting. The dark wood carved walls were the backdrop for the men and women I was drawing. The Cathedral was full. Branford Marsalis,  walked out,  said a few words in that wonderful voice of his and the lights dimmed. Except for applause the audience was absolutely still and quiet while they listened to the sounds of his saxophone fill the space around them.

Grace Cathedral is the third largest Gothic cathedral in the country.  Besides magnificent stained glass windows, there are copies of the  famous Ghiberti Gates of Paradise, priceless icons and frescoe-style murals depicting California’s colorful history. There are two Labyrinths, one inside and one outside.  Keith Haring AIDS Chapel altarpiece is to the right after you enter the Cathedral. Click on images to  enlarge.

Chairs – Grace Cathedral


How do I compete wtih those colorful chairs taken at Flora Grubb Gardens, a  nursery in San Francisco? A friend of mine said the chairs on the wall reminded her of upside-down bats. I love it. They do! It’s like when you see a whole display of silk scarves from India dyed in every color of the rainbow. You want to buy them all.

These chairs were set up in the Cathedral, a concert was performing there in a few hours. I’m packing for a trip to Europe. My drawing supplies are ready to go. Maybe I’ll make a Book of Chairs, or a Book of Doors or .. Image

It will be interesting to see how my drawing has evolved. Brandy was drawn when I was in my twenties. You can see I’m a fan of Matisse.