Best Seat in the House – America’s Cup – San Francisco



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This has been an extraordinary summer for free entertainment outside our window. San Franciscans have been treated to  months of watching 45 foot and these 72 foot catamarans sailing in our bay. We can see the boats practicing and racing outside our window. Around 10:30 to 11:00  the boats arrive with the smaller support boats following, their wakes leaving behind patterns of white.

GGBridge-marin headlands

Going down to the water’s edge is fun because we can be so close to these powerful, huge, fast boats. The races have been thrilling.



I run back and forth from window to TV. Camera’s distort the distance between boats so I run to the window to see how far apart the boats are. For close-up shots, listening to the crew on the boats and learning the rules and race course, I watch TV.

up on Foils-2917

up on Foils-2910

After the races, I looked out the window and saw a group of about a dozen little white specs circling, like butterflies. They were windsurfers catching the wind.

This post is dedicated to Chris, who has crewed on Novanet and knows how to paint the sea and a sailing ship! The detail put into his paintings is worth checking out. Thanks for your comment Chris.