Wind Washing Creates Dirty Air. Isn’t that An Oxymoron?


New  Zealanders have the speed.

Wind washing, dirty air and good tacks were the topic of conversation.

It was a disappointing day for we Americans.

But, it was  beautiful to watch the Kiwis sail their catamaran.

They did a good job.

This shot was taken with my Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi/400D

(Click on image to enlarge)

28-135mm telephoto lens

1/500  sec at f/9.0

ISO 200

Quick Sketch Done Outside my Tent – South Africa

It was hot. I sat under the shade of a tree and watched the red Lechwe watch me.

This is one of six drawings I made while on safari. I find I can only concentrate on one medium. After these drawings, I chose my Canon with a telephoto lens. In my pocket I had a little Canon Elph. This way in a minute I could take photographs when I wanted a more normal perspective.