Happy Thanksgiving !


Just saw the David Hockney show and remembered some drawings I sketched on my iphone when the app Brushes came out. It was fun to do, like, when you are waiting in line or you have some time on your hands – just take out your cell phone , or ipad and draw with your fingers or your thumb. Hockney draws with his thumbs. Thumbs have more range of movement than fingers so he has more options when drawing, than if he used his fingers.  To all my American friends, on this Thanksgiving Day, Happy Turkey Day. Thank you for checking in sometimes.

From Troglodytes to 21st Century Apple in 5 Kilometers



20120813-035326.jpgYesterday we drove to the town of Brantome where we traced the steps of the Benedictine monks from the ages of the humble cave to the impressive archetecture of the 17th and 18th centuries.
Megan documented the medieval carvings and I documented her.
While driving home we sketched on
on my apple app called Brushes.
I showed her how to draw with the app. In two minutes Megan had picked it up and I was learning about my phone from her!