Slow Art, Some Lettuce and a Tangerine – San Francisco


Foods have a special significance during Chinese New Year because of the way the Chinese word for it sounds. The Cantonese word for lettuce sounds like rising fortune, it is common to serve a lettuce wrap filled with other lucky food. Tangerines and oranges are passed out during Chinese New Year as the words for tangerine and orange sound like luck and wealth.

Slow Art relates to creating art in a slow way. This practice is about being mindful of detail, valuing the history inherent in re-usable materials, putting time into creating small items. The practice encourages the maker to be naturally meditative as they create.

Early in the morning I decided to write some thank you notes.

Why not make  original drawings of items bought at the Farmer’s Market the day before?

While propping them up on the table to review,  the sun came up – gorgeous light!

I ran to get my camera. Here is the result.

A very productive day and it was only 7 o’clock in the morning.

I kept a dozen drawings with the thought of printing notecards.

Maybe they are the beginning of an Artist’s Book.

Where shall I get them printed?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Painting with a Little Girl Near Ait Benhaddou – Morocco

click to enlarge

Bundle of Sticks 23″ x 23″ oil on canvas 1998

While I sketched sitting by a wide, dried up river bed, I looked at the entrance to the Sahara desert. Across the riverbed was the Kasbah, Ait Benhaddou. I watched a small girl make a wide arc around me. On her back she carried a bundle of sticks. The bundle was bigger than she was. After awhile, she put down her sack and very slowly made her way over to me. We ended up making Artists’ Books using torn pieces of paper and paint. I taught her how to paint and how to use a paint brush.