BetterPhoto publishes a book which includes my photographs – 2011

There are two photographs of mine in the newly published book, ‘BetterPhoto Guide to Creative Digital Photography’ by Jim Moitke and Kerry Draper. The above image,’ Your Tax Dollars at Work,’ illustrates  Rule of Thirds. Another one of my images in the book illustrates high-key photographs, Go to Amazon Where it says,  Search Inside this book, type in Carla Saunders. You’ll be able to see both photographs. Computer technology is so amazing to me.

The book came out just in time for the Christmas season. Besides being able to give the book as a present, I think it is a really good book. Composition, color and design  – no mater if you paint, draw, make photographs, this book reminds you of all the classic principles of art.

Tony Sweet’s Interview by Jim Miotke

After listening to Jim Miotke interview Tony Sweet, I’m thinking of putting away a series of paintings and moving on to something new. Tony talked about when things aren’t going well, let yourself go. Leave and move on. After being away from the studio for a long time I thought I’d change some paintings. They didn’t seem to be working anymore.  When making photographs it’s good to turn around and see what’s behind you. I tried that with this painting. I photographed the back of it. The sun, coming though stained, waxed raw canvas created some powerful images. It looks like a new series of photographs is about to be born. You can hear Tony’s interview on

Beeswax and acrylic on canvas, mixed media on mulberry paper, 54″ x 84″ The crane in flight is taken from a scene in the mastabaof Ptah-Hotep, Saqqara.

BetterPhoto Masterpiece of the Month Top Ten

“March 16 2010
The “slurpiness of the oil paints” – love that perfect description! 🙂 What’s particularly effective here is that there’s a good graphic-design element going on here, with the strong diagonal lines from lower left to upper right, with the other lines, curves, etc., contributing to the overall abstract pattern. The natural lighting sure contributed to the fantastic colors and details. A good job, too, in ensuring a good depth of field – sharpness throughout the scene, since all parts are equally important. Way to go with this abstract Masterpiece, Carla