Inspiration From Trip to France – Get Out Those Art Supplies!

After a trip, usually I am stimulated and ready to go back to the studio. I want to paint, make Artist’s Books, draw, and write -in some way interpret what I experienced during my travels. Megan got right in there. I’m so proud of her. Look at this! Her  drawing fills the page. It’s big. Paint and color have been added to her drawing – the next step after drawing. This piece will be perfect for her portfolio. Megan is planning on applying for an art scholarship. I suggested she add her small moleskine sketchbook that she filled up in France. There are some fine drawings to be seen in there.

Our two weeks of  drawing together have ended. It will be a long time before we see each other again. But there is WordPress!

We are thinking of  Megan being my guest blogger in the future – maybe we will do Megan’s Monday – Carla and Megan’s Blog.  Then she will have her own posts on the internet.

It’s Hot! – 12 year old Works on her Portfolio – France in August



One hundred degrees (38C) Not a good time for Englishmen to be out in the noon day sun. After a lunch of Camembert cheese, pâté, cornichons, baguettes, melon, ham, lettuce and tomatoes from the farmer’s market ( I’m going to miss those fabulous picnics) we stayed inside.
Megan is putting together a portfolio to be included with a request for an art scholarship. For a varied example of her work I suggested we do some figuartive drawing. We got together the gang and sketched two minute poses. I started posing, I’d call up someone to join me then we would add another person to our posing group. And another. It was great fun. Megan got some great drawings for her portfolio and everyone found out they really could draw. Now it’s time to hit the pool!