Have You Seen a Giraffe’s Tongue?

To show you how big a giraffe is that wildebeest is about 50″ to 58 ” to his shoulder and can weigh up to 600 pounds. They hang out with zebras, both being grass eaters.

Despite its long neck, the giraffe has only seven vertebrae, exactly the same number as man and most other mammals. Click on the bottom image to see his long tongue reaching for the green leaf.



In September 2007 our destination was the drugstore which was located in Mugabe’s casino in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Passing a huge statue we entered his casino where we saw stores selling American safari clothes, a Pizza Parlor and more places to eat, drink and buy tourist souveniers. The place was empty except for a little school room where the children were singing Christmas carols. We crossed the border into Botswana where we camped in the bush and lived with the animals for a couple of weeks – a very special experience, beautiful. ” HARARE (Reuters) – Zimbabwe’s justice minister lost his seat on Monday and first election results showed the opposition level with President Robert Mugabe’s party, but counting delays fuelled opposition suspicions …..”‘