I’ve been beta testing a new art app – Pikazo

And what to do now?????? Just saw what you are seeing and the color is way off. Delete post? Leave it up and  try to correct it? Pikazo knows how to do it right, but man, I can sure mess up it up. So I tried correcting my mistakes but the color is still not like my painitngs. You know what? Go to Pikazo and you’ll see the true color of these things. If I want to post on the internet any of my art work, I’d better try using white paint on a black piece of paper. Maybe that will work for me.


Image-1-2 2


Carla Saunders 1 copy iphoto export

Carla Saunders 1 copy 2

Karl Stiefvater, the app’s St. Louis-based inventor and his business partner, Noah Rosenberg asked a group of friends to beta test a new app. Lisa, wife and behind the scenes worker bee invited me to join the secret group. We weren’t given much instruction – just jump in and see what the app can do.  This app is amazing. I started out with a picture of one of my self portraits, then paired it with the style of a preset artist. I tapped the paint ! button and waited and soon Pikazo sent me a  painting based on the information from my two choices. But there is more! Under style there is a custom button. You can put in your own image, any kind of image from your photos or the internet. I put in one of my paintings. You are not limited to selfies in picture. Try anything, Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. That’s the fun of it. The app eggs you on to make just one more picture. The results are fantastic. Go over to the Apple app store and pick it up. It’s really fun.drawing glasses

drawing -painting sf


Pikazo’s painting using my sketch and my abstract painting



The possibilities are endless.

(ahh this is better color)

Painting Tools – What’s Going on here?

Paint Brush-6

Digital Tools 53 Paper-

Yesterday I was swimming and thinking about a painting I wanted to start in the studio.

As I often do, I started painting with my mind while I swam laps.

I took my finger and started to paint. Wait a minute!

I want to paint on a canvas, not an ipad!

This would be fun to talk about.

What’s going on here?

Happy Thanksgiving !


Just saw the David Hockney show and remembered some drawings I sketched on my iphone when the app Brushes came out. It was fun to do, like, when you are waiting in line or you have some time on your hands – just take out your cell phone , or ipad and draw with your fingers or your thumb. Hockney draws with his thumbs. Thumbs have more range of movement than fingers so he has more options when drawing, than if he used his fingers.  To all my American friends, on this Thanksgiving Day, Happy Turkey Day. Thank you for checking in sometimes.

Drawing Arsenal playing Manchester City – Seattle

click on image to enlarge

Early in the morning we walked down to Cafe Presse in order to get seats  to watch the teams play soccer live at 7:30 am. We sat up at the counter and read the paper and  drank hot coffee until the game started. Œufs plats, jambon, fromage rounded out our meal. I had my iphone with me so while we watched the game on a big TV screen, I sketched the game  using an app called Brushes.

Didn’t get a picture of Balotelli.

Brushes app sketch reminds me of Wayne Thiebaud paintings – California 2011

I like this image – sort of like a Wayne Thiebaud painting of the San Francisco hills.

Driving along Highway 5 – looking out the window

An idea for an abstract painting


Barcelona vs Real Madrid – Soccer

Watching Live Soccer on TV

Do I want a beer at 9:30 in the morning? Nope. So what am I going to do while I’m with the guys  in a crowded pub in Seattle watching live soccer? Well, I’ve got a lot of models to draw while I keep track of the game on the big screen. And I’ve got my iphone in my purse. That’s all I needed. There’s an application called Brushes which gives you the tools to draw and paint with your thumb. David Hockney has perfected the process. I’m working on it. Here you see the guys at the pub in the foreground with the TV screen and soccer field in the background. The Fullers sign is reminding me it’s time for a beer.