Seven Random Facts About Myself – The Lovely Blog Award – India to America

Seven random facts about myself

(It became a list of seventeen)

I like Seeing the light of dawn

It’s my favorite time of the day

Hearing the sound of quiet

Is up there with listening to the sea

I placed third in a half triathlon

I’m curious and want to touch everything

I miss the taste of chocolate

And English tea

I don’t like Rush Limbaugh

I love the smell of puppy’s breath,

Sweet peas, and freshly cut grass

Drawing is my passion

Swimming in the sea is a close second

I like

My husband’s Christmas

Being surrounded by family

And having a good talk with a friend.


Part Two of my posts about The Lovely Blog Award send to me by Manu Kurup, from Southern India, 

From India to America to England Just With A Tap Of Your Finger – France

I think I just used a trackback to send a ping back. It was my grand daughter’s first trackback. Oh my, here I am teaching her how to blog by having her be a guest on my blog and she knows more about it all than I do! It does show how we are from all over the world expressing our opinions. Each time I write something, a new door opens. I read or see something interesting from another person in the world. I learn from them and hopefully, I give a few minutes of contemplation to someone else. Megan viewed the stat page of our blog from France, where she saw the map representing people who read her blog from all over the world – 98 hits one day during the first week! How great is that? Apologies for the fuzzy photograph, but this was the specific day and this was what I shot.

Sonabai Makes Friends with Painting – India

When I went through radiation, I distracted myself  by making art. When my expectations of life don’t go the way I hope, I plunge myself into my art.  When I want to relax or when I want to have a good fight with a canvas, I make art. Art is in my bones.
The following is a true story about a woman who used art to survive a very lonely existance.

Sonabai was discovered by the Indian artworld and awarded India’s highest honor given to an artist, the President’s Award.

She grew up in a house full of relatives living a full, happy life. Through an arranged marriage, this 25 year old married a 45 year old widow. He was a jealous man and moved her out  of town where she had grown up and forbid her to have any contact with anyone. She was only allowed to go the the well behind her house and to the fields to work. One day she wanted to shield herself from the strong  sun. She built a bamboo structure, covered it with clay and painted the screen white. Sonabai gave birth to one son. Soon the boy needed a toy with which to play. She made some clay and paint with the natural materials found within her compound and created a horse.  After that she embellished her house and added to the lattice. She created ornaments, images of people, Hindu gods and goddesses and more. There has been an exhibit of her work in San Diego, California

Kathakali Classic Dancers – Southern India

(Click on image to make it bigger)



Alcohol painted eye

recites garish truth

Hot chilies, fresh

ginger and pepper shout.

Green cardamom pods sizzle,

coriander and cumin crackle.

Red chilies roast above

the charcoal fire.

Yogurt is whisked.

Devotion – India


Temple dancers shadow smoke,

pierce woven sunlight.

Blessings balance fierce tongues:

worship spills saffron song.

Priests prepare flowers and cloth.

Fresh flowers and food are brought.

Clanging, shouting, dark and light,

sweet sandalwood, incense burnt.

Tradition wrapped crowds chase

autumn silver throne.

Lord Shiva and Parvati are put to bed.

Driving to Hotel Hallo Coca Cola / Cow Dust Hour

(Click on image to make it larger)

Driving to Hotel Hallo Coca Cola / Cow Dust Hour

Birla power

Tata trucks

Leaf plates stitched

Earth swept






monkeys and a pig

Dark skin


coconut palm





Two bullocks


a Honda bike




men dressed

in white

Darkness falls



An evening lamp

is lit.