A Moment of Kindness

Be as wise as a serpent and as tender as a dove.

In London far right groups clash with participants at a peaceful Black Lives Matter demonstration.

Driving to Brighton – England



Whoops, the passenger seat is on the other side!  No, you get in the backseat.You don’t need extra leg room. Daffodils are sprinkled in bunches around trees, near the roadside, by a pond. The Great Walk is so green. Close your eyes mom. We are going around the Round About. Going south. Perfect! We are on the M25 South. Everything is so green!  Sheep are mowing the green grass next to large areas of yellow rape.I love how the fog masks bits and pieces.Trees are silhouetted against the sky – the muted colors of England.

There wasn’t time to hang back and draw. I needed to keep up with the family. My sketchbook has only a few entries for this trip, but I had my cell phone with me. Sitting in the back of the car, leaning over and shooting a picture in front of the passenger on my left, I took a few photographs.

I really liked the row of beach huts for changing along the seaside in Brighton. When I look at these images I think of David Hockney’s wonderful paintings of the English countryside. Then he switched and went to Southern California to paint in oils. The color and stance of the figures seem very American. But, no jeans allowed.


Jet Lag


12:07 am – eyes pop open, wide awake

Must be about 5 am.


It’s 12:07 am. I lie there

Composing a post for my blog

Then, another and another

What time is it?

Cell phone says 3:14 am

Take a screen shot


Ha ha it came out all black

In England it is 4,5,6,  – eight hours difference

11 am. Time to get up.

So here I am at the computer composing a post for my blog

Wonder if I can stream Aintree Grand National? 


Too early for that

I’m hungry!

Time for breakfast

Shall I go to the Farmers Market today?


From India to America to England Just With A Tap Of Your Finger – France

I think I just used a trackback to send a ping back.http://starscrutiny.wordpress.com/2012/08/20/what-they-miss/ It was my grand daughter’s first trackback. Oh my, here I am teaching her how to blog by having her be a guest on my blog and she knows more about it all than I do! It does show how we are from all over the world expressing our opinions. Each time I write something, a new door opens. I read or see something interesting from another person in the world. I learn from them and hopefully, I give a few minutes of contemplation to someone else. Megan viewed the stat page of our blog from France, where she saw the map representing people who read her blog from all over the world – 98 hits one day during the first week! How great is that? Apologies for the fuzzy photograph, but this was the specific day and this was what I shot.

Journey to Oz, a fourteenth century pub and a Lacrosse game in England

Enough of this cancer trip. Time to go down the yellow brick road and visit my daughter and her family. The youngest played Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. How could I not go and miss that? On Saturday both girls played Lacrosse. Funny, I go to England to watch Lacrosse which is a team sport developed in America. The laws of “football” or soccer were codified in Britian. Last year I blogged World Cup Soccer while watching TV in America. It was a good way to learn the game. I gave myself a project, watch all the games and post a blog after each game. I took pictures of the plays on TV , then paired them with photos I took in  South Africa.

John Janca’s Photos of the installation of my show are beautiful, nice and sharp. I’ll post them soon. My son-in-law took these photos of the church. The afternoon light was just perfect.

Waltham St. Lawrence Paris Church

Dogs waiting for goodies

Fourteenth Century Free House

Both girls have sketchbooks that I started when they were born.

During our pub lunch we sketched. I’ll add to the books  photographs of the girls.

They will see what they looked like at different stages in their development.

Cornwall Photo Shoot

blowupenggland_MG_7426 copy

Sunshine!! After weeks of rain the sun came out. So did all the residents of this small town. By the two pink balloons there was a stage where some high school girls in checkered full skirts danced and sang songs from the musical Oklahoma. Being low tide the beach was used as a parking lot. At the end of the day,  kids who were playing in tide pools cautiously picked their way back to dry land.cornwall_MG_7419 copy