It’s National Dog Day!


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Oh my, all the wonderful dogs in my life! Many hours have been spent on the floor drawing from their point of view. Here’s a toast to the two Bumpies, Billo, Rover, Mister, Brandy Alexander, Disney Wisney, Jenner Benner, Miles von Mises, and Cody Boy. I’m going through years of drawings and came up with a few to post. Drawing Cody is a Letterpress Artists’ book. The edition is 15 signed and numbered copies. The book is dedicated to all the family dogs who have been a part of my life. They have brought me comfort, laughter, worries and exercise!

A Drawing A Day

I’ve joined a public group on Facebook, A drawing A Day. This morning Mark Andres chose my sketch to update the group photo. Yesterday I took a walk along the water in Tiburon, California. My friend and I parked our cars near Blackie’s Pasture. For 28 years a swaybacked horse named Blackie stood in the same place near the road that goes into Tiburon and Belvedere. We all knew Blackie. Our children grew up seeing Blackie standing in the same spot. After he died, the corner grassy field looked like a very lonely place. Then, one day another horse arrived. Anthony Connell created a life size bronze statue of Blackie, so now the spot is filled with joy again. I said goodbye to my friend, got into my car and sat, looking out the window. Reaching for my sketchbook I drew the dogs circling the huge horse, running, barking and sniffing. Good! I have my drawing for one day.

Puppies And Poems

Cody With CowCody is an English Cream Golden Retriever who lives in England with my daughter and her family. For three weeks I stayed at their home and babysat this cute puppy. Wondering what I was going to do with myself while I took care of him, I gave myself an assignment: Learn how to draw a dog. Besides sketching, I wrote some prose and a few poems. Maybe there is an Artists’ book in the making. I have the images and the words. The next step is figuring out a structural form for a book. Then, do it!


The Dog Show

FullSizeRenderOK here is my question. The pen and ink sketch was drawn on white paper. I took a photograph of it with my cell phone, cropped the picture so it had clean straight edges then, moved it over to my blog. Now, the white paper looks grey. Because I post photographs of paintings with color, I don’t want to have a colored background on my main blog page. I don’t want black either. How do I get a black or colored mat or background for the drawing so the drawing shows black ink on white paper?


Sketching a Gauguin Painting in Seattle

Deux Femmes/La Chevelure Fleurie (Detail) 16″ x 6″ acrylic on paper

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One hundred and ten years after Paul Gauguin was painting in Polynesia I  copied some of his paintings. Making some notations in my moleskine sketchbook,

Gauguin La Chevelure fleurie

Gauguin La Chevelure fleurie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was blown away by the way Gauguin used color, the way he drew space using shapes and line. I sketched very quickly and noted the color of his simple shapes with the idea of going back home and painting a little rendition of a Gauguin.

Oakopolis Gallery Opening – Art MURMUR Oakland California

Show opens: December 2 and January 6, 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Gallery open Saturdays from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.
Show Closes: January 14, 5:00 p.m.

Paintings by Joell Jones, Logan Payne, Carla Saunders, Amy Schaffer,

Rue Whittaker, Karen Worth

They gathered to work with renowned artist and master teacher, Leigh Hyams

. Leigh insists on authenticity, passion,and commitment in every stroke of the brush.

She “tricks” the artist into abandoning the analytical mind in favor of complete honesty

and presence when facing the canvas or paper. In the idyllic setting of a rustic ranch in

Calistoga, CA, magic happened. Images of chickens, horses, goats, snakes, streams,

old barns, rusted farm tools, tractors, and blooming flowers became their inspiration.

These artists gelled into a group where each individual supported and inspired each other

to go far beyond the boundaries of the familiar. They  diverge in style and expression,

but all the works in this show are based on the unique and special chemistry that happened

during that week in May.

Dog Chooses to Pose for Artist

Tyche checking me out

Tyche decides I’m OK


Now there is one happy dog

I couldn’t believe my luck! Tyche came into the room,  circled me from a distance,

sniffed , then, jumped up on the couch in front of me.  We had a good drawing session together. Charcoal on 9″ x 12″  paper. To see each drawing separately, click on the image.