From Troglodytes to 21st Century Apple in 5 Kilometers



20120813-035326.jpgYesterday we drove to the town of Brantome where we traced the steps of the Benedictine monks from the ages of the humble cave to the impressive archetecture of the 17th and 18th centuries.
Megan documented the medieval carvings and I documented her.
While driving home we sketched on
on my apple app called Brushes.
I showed her how to draw with the app. In two minutes Megan had picked it up and I was learning about my phone from her!


Drawing Arsenal playing Manchester City – Seattle

click on image to enlarge

Early in the morning we walked down to Cafe Presse in order to get seats  to watch the teams play soccer live at 7:30 am. We sat up at the counter and read the paper and  drank hot coffee until the game started. Œufs plats, jambon, fromage rounded out our meal. I had my iphone with me so while we watched the game on a big TV screen, I sketched the game  using an app called Brushes.

Didn’t get a picture of Balotelli.

Brushes app sketch reminds me of Wayne Thiebaud paintings – California 2011

I like this image – sort of like a Wayne Thiebaud painting of the San Francisco hills.

Driving along Highway 5 – looking out the window

An idea for an abstract painting

Kaiser Shoes

Radiation is over. The effects of radiation are beginning to soften. Next week I’ll be weaned off liquids from the Infusion Center. I’m trying to get off oxycodone. I see the end of the tunnel. I’ve drawn everyday, well, almost every day. I have another week to go to reach my goal – 80 drawings in 80 days. Reading Joan Mitchell by Patricia Albers and thinking a lot about Hans Hofmann and Philip Guston has changed my drawings. I’ve been thinking a lot about color and space. Unfortunately, this blog changes the color of the white paper so the drawings don’t look right. Instead here are one drawing in a moleskine sketchbook and one of my sketches drawn on my ipad. While being hydrated I watched people’s shoes go by.