Chattering Monkeys


Wash out all those ghosts cobwebs worrywarts black cloud critters

chattering like monkeys in your swollen brain

swollen brain filled with piston-like repetiton

it’s wrong it’s wrong it’s wrong

not good enough for who? for tin man looking for his heart?

wash out all those ghosts cobwebs worrywarts and black cloud critters

chattering like monkeys in your swollen brain

quickly lay your thoughts out on the page

protect those tender shoots

close the book

walk away

World Lion Day


In 2007 my husband and I went on Safari to Botswana. Sitting in an open Toyota Land Cruiser, we were searching for animals. Cameras out, binoculars scanning the landscape, we were ready to go! We sat there for about 5 minutes. Then I looked down at the side of the road and right there  was a lion looking up at me! No worries with either of us. I started clicking and she just blinked her eyes in the sunlight. You can alway click on the image to enlarge photograph.

You can see more photographs and drawings from this trip in categories under Africa.

Marina’s blog today brought my attention to World Lion Day. Check out her blog, too.

Happy World Lion Day.

Thought Process Leading up to “Abstract One”

click on image

I was thinking about Terry Greene’s work on edges. 

I was thinking about the  dark jewel colors of a bouquet of ranunculus

set in front of a large dark painting. I was thinking about zebra’s stripes.Abstract One was created last week.

The First “wild animal” I Saw

click on image

Actually, the first animal I saw on our safari was a warthog. He was right at my feet as I walked down the path to our hotel room when  we arrived in Botswana. I stopped to take a picture. He stopped grazing and lunged his stocky body at me, made some kind of grunt and walked off. My heart was in my throat as I timidly followed the path to my room.

Quick Sketch Done Outside my Tent – South Africa

It was hot. I sat under the shade of a tree and watched the red Lechwe watch me.

This is one of six drawings I made while on safari. I find I can only concentrate on one medium. After these drawings, I chose my Canon with a telephoto lens. In my pocket I had a little Canon Elph. This way in a minute I could take photographs when I wanted a more normal perspective.

Have You Seen a Giraffe’s Tongue?

To show you how big a giraffe is that wildebeest is about 50″ to 58 ” to his shoulder and can weigh up to 600 pounds. They hang out with zebras, both being grass eaters.

Despite its long neck, the giraffe has only seven vertebrae, exactly the same number as man and most other mammals. Click on the bottom image to see his long tongue reaching for the green leaf.