Election Day – America

Election Day, November, 1884 by Walt Whitman

These stormy gusts and winds

waft precious ships,

Swell’d Washington’s,

Jefferson’s,  Lincolin sails.

In August I made this image in Bruges, Belgium.

After a stormy day, the rain stopped,

The dark sky cleared,

Blue sky swept the clouds away.

In a small square men and women danced

the tango among puddled reflections.

Dusk in the Medieval City of Bruges – Belgium

Spire of Vrouwekerk – click on image to enlarge

The light sprinkling of rain had stopped. At dusk, the sky turned an extraordinary blue. Light settled on the buildings creating a night of wonder for our overnight stay in Bruges. We walked in awe, our faces looking up at the sky mixing with buildings from the 12th century on.  When darkness settled, we found  a restaurant on the canal where we ate dinner and talked about the beauty of this old city.


Tango Dancing After the Rain – Bruges, Belgium

“Don’t go to Bruges in the summertime – too many tourists.” I kept hearing this while planning our trip to Europe. But, I was in Belgium and the time was now. We decided to go see Bruges at night when the crowds had dispersed. It was raining when we got off the train in the medieval 13th century town. By the time we arrived at our hotel the rain had stopped. Outside our window, sparkling white swans glided down the canal. We walked around Bruges before stopping for some dinner somewhere along our way. As, always, click on image to enlarge the photograph.