The Dog Show

FullSizeRenderOK here is my question. The pen and ink sketch was drawn on white paper. I took a photograph of it with my cell phone, cropped the picture so it had clean straight edges then, moved it over to my blog. Now, the white paper looks grey. Because I post photographs of paintings with color, I don’t want to have a colored background on my main blog page. I don’t want black either. How do I get a black or colored mat or background for the drawing so the drawing shows black ink on white paper?


19 thoughts on “The Dog Show

  1. Can you import the picture in photoshop or a photo processing application before posting? You can either convert the image to grayscale and then use brightness and contrast to lighten up your white background, or [if you’re on photoshop] go to: image: adjustment: replace colour and pick the shade you wish to alter to either darker or lighter and it will affect the whole image.
    Brightness and contrast is another tool you can use to correct the tones.
    If you don’t wish to have a strictly b/w image, and you’re on rgb colour mode, than go to image: adjustments: selective color and change the values there.
    You can correct an image with Exposure too [again in Image: Adjustments: Exposure] but be careful you don’t lose detail from your drawing / painting.
    Love your ink sketch btw and I really don’t mind seeing the shadow of the paper. 😉


    • Hi Marina!
      Thank you for this. I did adjust the exposure and thought it was ok to post but when I did, it came out grey on the blog. I’m going to try your method now. I think I just need to take it out of my sketchbook, put it on a dark piece of paper and shoot it as if it had a dark frame around it, but I didn’t want to tear it out of the sketchbook. Thanks again Marina. I’ll work on your method and let you know how it goes.


    • Thanks I’ll need to know for myself. as a friend of mine said. the cell phone did it.
      The step of making the photograph caused it. Cameras want everything to be middle gray. If you photograph something white like snow or white paper with an automatic setting, it will be underexposed. The opposite is true of dark or black scenes. The cell phone did it! There is probably a way to adjust the exposure on the phone before moving it to the blog. There is on my iPhone…


  2. i was able to doctor your image using Preview’s Color Adjustment Tool (much like Marina suggests with Photoshop). can’t post it here, but i’ll send it to you in a private msg. is this close to what you’re thinking? let’s talk. xoxo, Z


  3. And then there are programs that have frames. I can see why you would want the pure white, like the paper it was drawn on, and it was good to tag through the comments and be reminded of the phone tendency to adjust automatically, sometimes when you don’t want it. Lots of life in that sketch! (I question sometimes whether I should change to a white blog background. For me, no one background
    will work for every photo so I have dropped the idea of changing backgrounds for now ).


  4. If you have a scanner, you can try using that – depends on resolution setting. The colours of blue grey are showing up. If you convert to B&W or take the shot in B &W that can help. Depends on the lighting & grade of the paper.
    PhotoShop & Paintshop have mat & frame edges that can be applied to images. If you wish to create your own, use the canvas size adjustment. First use selection tool to select the whole image and then use the canvas size tool to enlarge the canvas. This creates a border which you can modify.
    Cheers. 🙂


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