A Conversation Between Paintings

3 paintings

OPPOSITES What would be the opposite to the big painting? #1 The big painting falls loosely to the floor 56″ x 77″.  I used a white gessoed old canvas. #2 The small canvas is stretched tightly and gessoed  black. 11″ x 14″ #1 With charcoal and a brush I  sketched a line  drawing of tulips then continued to write freely on the canvas. #2 Repeating a formal pattern of  black and white using shapes or form,  I used a palette knife in some areas. The purple shaped tulip form or mass echoes the line drawing of the flower in the big painting. #1 Free script covers the canvas. #2 Stamped letters are incorporated in the pattern. A little yellow balances the complimentary color purple. #1 main color – green #2 main colors black and white


I’d never painted a checkerboard pattern of black and white shapes. When I sit and study it I see all the variations in painting application, value, intensity of whites. There is a lot to look at. Subtle differences in paint application create variations in value and intensity. I worked on it until my eye could move around the canvas without being interrupted by anything. One area didn’t dominate the picture. The small dots picked up from the rough surface of the canvas work with the other elements.

checkerboard 2

8 thoughts on “A Conversation Between Paintings

  1. ‘I worked on it until my eye could move around the canvas without being interrupted by anything.’

    That’s an interesting remark Carla. May I ask, is that how you ascertain, can we say, whether balance and harmony permeate the image? Or if that is not any objective of yours, then is it how you would normally ascertain that the work is complete?

    Regards, Hariod.


  2. I spent ages looking at this the other night, and it was really exciting to me, as you are right, every single white mark is absolutely correct, there’s no whirring of the eyes, it absolutely rests, in smooth curves. Its a little like it’s gliding very slowly towards the hole to the right, like leaves in a stream..very clever, and interesting!


    • What do you think? I was thinking of removing the darker brown area near the face. Maybe the half circle too. But seeing the painting the way you do maybe I should keep the half circle. Great to read your interpretation. I see the painting the way you do!


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