A Conversation – Line and Shape




Why do I paint? I like the process of painting, the challenge. I lay down one stroke, That stroke calls for another stroke and the process continues until I have a “there it is” moment, when the painting is done. My tool  – This brush has traveled with me from studio to studio. The material – Medium weight cotton duck canvas stapled to the wall.  I covered the surface with gesso, a paint medium used as a base to protect the raw canvas. While I am in the process of covering the canvas with a base, I really like what  happens. Priming the canvas I start in the middle and work  my way out. This application of paint tightens the canvas as I work my way out to the edges. I’ll end up a with a nicely taut canvas with no wrinkles.  But first look at this! There’s a painting right here. In the first image I like the dark square on the natural color rectangle; rounded 3 dimensional wrinkles or lines radiate outward.  The second image is a pleasing shape playing with the original support, the picture plane.The third image becomes a photograph of an abstract image showing variation in lines created with a big brush, drips and wrinkled canvas – reminds me of Franz Kline. http://www.gagosian.com/artists/franz-kline

22 thoughts on “A Conversation – Line and Shape

    • I’m flattered you are interested in the canvas. But yes, it is painted over now. We have only the photograph 🙂 I’ve enjoyed reading about your book. Your blog is quite interesting
      to me. Glad you are writing it.


      • Just kidding about the canvas Carla; though it did look great, I agree. Thanks for your kind comment about the blog. I fear that my rather formal writing style doesn’t appeal to North Americans, and yet oddly my site stats show high views from that part of the world. Weirdly, and rather wonderfully, I get quite a few painters come along. This is great, because I’m a collector of abstract work and am fascinated by the whole process, which is why I’m here of course.

        Hariod. ❤


  1. I really love it like this too. The great thing about something so minimal is that you feel meaning in every drip and line..love how the bowl and brush form part of it too. More please! 🙂


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