Until the water Runs Clear – Preparation for a Painting


Tony Prieto had us wash our brushes until the water ran clear. When we bent back the bristles to the heel, there would be no remaining color.  I remember standing at the sink washing rollers and brushes after painting panels. We were installing a new exhibit at Mills College. Yesterday I washed my brush after priming a raw cotton duck canvas.

10 thoughts on “Until the water Runs Clear – Preparation for a Painting

  1. Nice photo 🙂
    Btw., have you seen the documentary “Tim’s Vermeer”? I found it by coincidence this weekend, but it was really interesting about how Vermeer might have used some optical equipment to make his paintings.


  2. Our teacher used to make us clean brushes with baby oil (after oil painting). We had beautiful soft hands. Carla, Hockney has a DVD called Secret Knowledge on camera obscura you mentioned -great show. I love the prep, good luck with the exhibition.


    • Thanks for the tip. The exhibition was many years ago. I’m just preparing a canvas here. BTW I highly recommend a book titled Man with a Blue Scarf On Sitting for a Portrait by Lucian Freud Martin Guyford. It’s all about painting.


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