The Telephone – It Came with the Studio

It came with the Studio-0019

I inherited a rubber plant, a comfortable old couch, a wrought iron bust of  Nefertiti and this standard black telephone. Thrown over the couch is a few yards of raw canvas. New shoots on the plant have reached to the ceiling.  I know the phone and cast iron bust have been around longer than 15 years. The telephone is speckled with paint; the old rubber cord was cut years ago. I like to be around these objects from the past. Now they are part of my story as it unfolds in this painting studio of mine.

I was noodling around the internet hunting for telephone scenes in movies and came across this article and  video from YouTube. Want to go down memory lane? Check this out. Here’s an article on telephone numbers starting with the pre-fix 555. Ma Bell has discontinued issuing this pre-fix but we still have the movies and this wonderful film clip on YouTube.

Frosted Glass Aerosol Paint gives a semi-transparent coating to the windows in my studio. The paint application is old and  is wearing off. This gives  me an interesting background for  photographs. Using my Canon Powershot 11 camera I made some photographs that are part of a series titled, Studio Lines.

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