Artist’s Studio – California



Studio Lines A-

 Frosted Glass Aerosol Paint gives a semi-transparent coating to the windows in my studio. The paint application is old and  is wearing off. This gives  me an interesting background for  photographs. One day I had finished cleaning up after an open house; light coming in through the windows produced interesting shapes. Using my Canon Powershot 11 camera I made some photographs that are part of a series titled, Studio Lines.

14 thoughts on “Artist’s Studio – California

  1. Great and very fresh pic!
    I had to look closer to see whether it was a painting or a photography though – it’s such an artistic and playful image 🙂


  2. Fooled me too! First glance I thought it was a painting. Of course you could paint like that …if you wished to! Clever approach, the coating on the windows. It provides a really interesting background! Happy Tuesday, Carla! 🙂


  3. Hi Emily!
    Thank you. I think I’ll post some photos for awhile – while I am getting back into painting. Have the sunshine come out there and enjoy the summer! I hear the roses are in full bloom now.


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