Painting Tools – What’s Going on here?

Paint Brush-6

Digital Tools 53 Paper-

Yesterday I was swimming and thinking about a painting I wanted to start in the studio.

As I often do, I started painting with my mind while I swam laps.

I took my finger and started to paint. Wait a minute!

I want to paint on a canvas, not an ipad!

This would be fun to talk about.

What’s going on here?

15 thoughts on “Painting Tools – What’s Going on here?

  1. So many ways to create: in the mind, with our fingers in paint or on an ipad , or clay, with a brush on canvas or paper. On and on. Which will it be?


  2. I think it’s great to try all methods of creating. I wish I could dive in real pigments as Marina likes, but I am not a painter. I still love trying out different techniques in photography. Great, thought-provoking post, Carla.


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