Waiting – A sign of the Times

image-2I was between flights, waiting, so I decided to draw on my ipad. It wasn’t  until I was almost finished with the sketch that I realized everyone was looking down at their smartphones, cell phones, mobiles, whatever you call that handheld device with a computer in it. I was drawing on one, so I was looking down, too!

18 thoughts on “Waiting – A sign of the Times

  1. Sign of the Times indeed, both the devise and the waiting. Brilliantly spotted and interpreted, my dear Carla. It’s becoming more and more obvious that our interactions are more with a device rather than whoever’s at the other end! 🙂
    Happy Monday! 🙂


  2. you have nailed it.
    getting so tired of seeing these zombies, tho.
    if they’ve invaded Florence, where must i go to escape?
    check these out: http:
    then text me.
    (just kidding; i don’t text).
    hope to see you soon!


  3. I love, love, love this one. I noticed the cellphone immediately. The idea of putting colors on the phones only is brilliant. This one leaves so much impression. Great job, Carla.


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