Thank You Notes, David Hockney and Me – San Francisco


Dear readers

This is fun! The above drawing is the first drawing I made with a new app for my iPad.   I received the pencil for Christmas, charged it , and downloaded the app, Paper 53   Yesterday I tried out the tools. Hardly scratching the surface I came up with the above image.

David Hockney has some amazing iPad drawings in an exhibit of his work at the de Young Museum in San Francisco.

In her piece about the exhibit, Claire Cain Miller  chose to show Hockney’s enlarged print, Yosemite. When standing next to this enormous print I felt like I was in the painting with the clouds hovering above me. I’ll be going back to do some research on how Hockney sketched and painted.  What is evident is that Hockney did a lot of drawing.

January is the time when Thank You notes are written. This year I received Thank You notes that were hand written and sent in the mail,  personally spoken to me, emailed to me  and electronic cards. Then, there are the ones that haven’t been written yet, like mine. Although I think a handwritten card is more personal,  I may go the electronic route. My handwriting has gotten really hard to read. If I go with the electronic idea, at least my family and friends will be able to decipher what I wrote.
Thanks again for checking in.

17 thoughts on “Thank You Notes, David Hockney and Me – San Francisco

  1. Just saw the Hockney show on Saturday and thought of you while there. The iPad work he has done and all the sketch books reminded me of your drawings, and your early iPhone sketches with Sketchbook app.
    You and Hockney are a great pair!


  2. Thanks for your inspiration. I have been noodling with Paper53 this afternoon too, having decided that it might be a better thing than Brushes. Two friends are playing with Brushes after the Hockney inspiration, but complain that it is hard to get started. Paper53 is very intuitive I think. Don’t have the pencil yet.


    • I’ve used Brushes off and on, but I’m really liking Paper.It’s so easy to draw. Unfortunately I have iPad 2 and my pencil will only work with 3+ Do you think a four dollar app could lead to me buying a new iPad? eee yi yi I really was never into my iPad but this drawing is fun.A friend of mine said Sketchbook Pro is good but she knows my drawing and suggested Paper. Keep me posted on your discoveries.:)


  3. Carla, Your iPad bird is so sweet and happy. Thank you for the inspiration. Loved the Hockney exhibit! So much work accomplished in his years. Keep on drawing!


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