Placing Myself Under House Arrest and Reading Michael Ondaatje

Wynton Marsalis-6268

Wynton at the Fairmont by Carla Saunders

Probably no one will notice that I’ve been put under house arrest. I’m not Lindsay Lohan or Aung San Suu Kyi. All I want to do is go to the studio and paint, hang out somewhere and draw or take some photographs, even try writing a poem. My studio is neater than my room at home. There are three paintings at the studio waiting for me to complete. But, here at home there are bills to be paid, forms to be filled, magazines to be read or to be thrown away and piles of papers, books and ‘stuff’  waiting to be put someplace. We’ve moved a bookcase into my room.  It’s empty. Books are in bags, piled on the floor. Papers are stacked in the bathtub. There is a tower of art that is about to topple.  A soft white rabbit ready to pop out of a soft black top hat, sits by my computer.   Legacy by Linda Spence is open on my desk.

Michael Ondaatje’s book,  Coming Through Slaughter is on top of a pile of books somewhere in this room.  Ondaatje wrote about  Buddy Bolden  a New Orleans cornet player in the early 1900’s. This book is my all time favorite. It’s as if you are reading a poem, or going in and out of jazz improvisation or wandering through an abstract painting. Today and until I finish this room, time on all technical devices shall be limited (after I finish this post.)  Permission is granted to go out to buy food or get some exercise. Maybe I’ll listen to some jazz while I get this place organized.

23 thoughts on “Placing Myself Under House Arrest and Reading Michael Ondaatje

  1. Sometime house arrest is needed to get things done – particularly creative projects. There is so much disturbance from the rest of the world that sometimes it’s too difficult to concentrate on your own things. I love the simple but very characteristic strokes of your Wynton at the Fairmont.


    • Sometimes there is no room for creative projects because there is so much disturbance from the rest of the world. Thanks for the connection today, Otto. It came at the right time. Line drawings made while listening to music is where my flow is.


  2. It’s great to have a good organising session sometimes! Clears the brain.. I love Michael Ondaatje’s writing too – particularly his poems – not heard of the book you mention though, will check it out! Love your sketch too..


  3. Fall is such a wonderful time to collect one’s thoughts, listen to the birds, make lists for the coming days/months, to write poetry, and even to get lost in jazz! Sounds wonderful!


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