Journey of a Photograph Puts Painting in the Woods On Hold – Vietnam

Night Train

I have been invited to participate in an online collaboration. Painting in the Woods, a journal of the progression of three paintings will be continued after this exciting detour. Meanwhile my poetry, photography, drawing and painting will be merged into a post which will be entered next week on Journey of a Photograph. Saying that, my post could be made up of something completely different by then.  One word, an idea for a photograph or a brush stroke leads to another and you are off and running. My post could go through big changes by next week. For a look at how a group of highly talented artists have interpreted a photograph go to  I’ll see you there next week.

7 thoughts on “Journey of a Photograph Puts Painting in the Woods On Hold – Vietnam

    • Hi Richard
      I’m having lots of fun with it, You picked up on hands on the train. I picked up on sounds and feet! Two leaves and another photograph have been added to the package. The envelope continues to grow in stamps, tape and value. – special.


  1. Oh WOW! That is so exciting! Geez, I must pay attention on the road more. I have to walk around with extra caution. I shall not embark on riskier adventures. I got to see what this is. 😀
    Hit me up Carla when this thing is up.


    • It’s interesting how one grows with one project or painting then tries to return to an older project it’s hard to go back to that place. Your thinking has changed. I will go back and we’ll see what happens 🙂


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