America’s Cup Sailing – San Francisco


“I can honestly say this is the most fun and exciting sailing I’ve been involved with,” said ORACLE TEAM USA tactician Ben Ainslie, a four-time Olympic gold medalist.

(Click on image to enlarge. You’ll see a helicopter up there in front.)

6 thoughts on “America’s Cup Sailing – San Francisco

  1. Carla I’m bright green with envy !! I’ve been watching them race on the television but its not the same as witnessing it first hand or better still sailing a big cat. I crewed on Novanet which was a 110 foot beast that used to really get up and and fly. It didn’t have hydrofoils but when the wind picked up it was a real adrenaline rush ! Best wishes ! chris


    • I’ve loved every minute of it. when they get up on those foils they just fly! Sometimes the two boats get so close to each other I think they are going to crash into each other. It’s really an action packed sport to watch, except yesterday there was hardly any wind. In contrast to the other days the cats were crawling along. In fact New Zealand was ahead and would have won the race, but the time limit was 40 minutes and they just didn’t get to the finish line on time.
      Fun to watch the race with you!


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