Painting in the Woods – Day Two



I thought of Matisse‘s chapel in Nice, France. Chapelle_du_Rosaire_de_Vence .  The two doors carved in wood designed by Matisse for the confessionals are painted a slick white enamel. Colored sunlight makes its way through  through the carved open areas and spills onto the floor.  Inside the little room are stained glass windows coloring the sunlight;  yellow for the sun, green for vegetation and blue for the Riviera sky.


It looked too much like a stilted wooden butterfly had landed on the painting. I replaced it with the sky shinning through the leaves.


Setting up for lunch. I invited a friend to join me for lunch in my studio. Bring your own food and chair.

This painting was worked on the rest of the day – more to come.

17 thoughts on “Painting in the Woods – Day Two

  1. Carla, this color green is so perfect! Just like the leaves on the trees. It reminds me of walking in the shade of the park on a sunny day. I love your painting studio! Can’t beat it! Amazing how you made the ‘butterfly’ into a blue sky shining through! xo S.


    • I guess it is harder to see your work methods- both of us – lots of the work is done in our heads:) Richard could follow you around as you find your subject, approach, speak your magic and make pictures. A photographer once said I make photographs of people – makes sense you don’t want to go up and shoot somebody!


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